Is Dot tk scam ?

The Real Answer in Yes/No, may be very difficult to give, but after a lot investigation, I found that above 85 % of dot tk scam victims was of before 2012 and almost all are happy after 2012. This is because many scammers register with dot tk as it was free to cheat other people thats why during that time dot tk delete many domain to save it, and now it is one of the most safest domain, read in a little bit detail to know...

What is dot tk (.tk) ?

Dot TK is most popular free domain name. Mainly a great hope for small and non-profit business.
It is a domain of a island territory of New Zealand know as Tokelau (short term 'tk').

Is it is a Scam ?

Dot Tk domain is not a scam. I tried myself, getting bulks of visitors to my site on .tk but they don't shut my website.

Try Yourself .tk is not a scam. Register it with dot.tk (official, simple set-up) or Freenom (dot.tk powered by freenom, Recommended)

Dot tk provide all features you can change Nameservers, DNS, add custom nameservers (xyz.yoursite.com), and many more.

I am using it for about an year (not completed) it worked good but the problem is it is a ccTLD (Country code-Top Level Domain). But now it is not a ccTLD according to Google, it is in now in new gTLD (generic-Top Level Domain) list of Google. more details

To see Google's gTLD list, click here

If you face .tk or as a scam ( or if supports ) issue please Comment so that the world can able to know on this issue.


  1. Yes, it's a scam. As soon as your domain is popular, they'll cancel it and point it towards some shitty ad portal

    1. They changed my dns record at around 1000 visitors and I just can't login anymore after that

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  5. Hi is www.youhuol.tk a scam?

  6. http://www.wantentnjw10.tk what do you think about this one?

  7. Dot tk and Freenom are the most useless domain registrars I have ever come across, they cancel domains without your knowledge, and since February this year I am unable to register domains on site. When contacting them, they completely ignore you. Do not fall in to their trap. They are useless and shouldn't be regarded as a service